TubeRank? is a viral video production app launched recently by Rubber Republic, the London-based content creation studio behind numerous viral hits including “Bodyform Responds: The Truth” and “(Welcome to) The Motherhood” for Fiat.

The app is a free online tool that combines meta data with YouTube video content to show why a piece of viral content was shared, who shared it and how many times. The idea is that by providing a tool to understand which content for a particular target market has been most viral in the past, content creators can strengthen their own approach.

“What TubeRank doesn’t do is generate viral ideas. What it does do is provide an inspiration filter so a producer can consider more scientifically which triggers have been particularly effective with any given community, and what conversion figures particular triggers have produced,” says Rubber Republic Co-Founder Chris Quigley. “It provides a framework and process around which people can analyze and design viral videos.”

This means that there is now an app to measure the viral impact of your video marketing campaign. If you’re unsure as to the potential effectiveness of your video concept then download the app. But if you’re looking for a little more solid advice on the matter then of course – contact us.

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