Video marketing is the new beauty queen amongst its peers in the world of content marketing, which is why content writers, marketers, digital experts and others are now relying more than ever upon video strategies to gain a little attention from prospective and current customers. The use of video is on the rise, and brands are scrambling to develop campaigns to reach consumers and remain competitive.

According to this new study by Aberdeen Group, marketers now recognize the importance of giving video her proper due more than ever, but sometimes struggle with time and resource needed to bring about successful initiatives. The study reported that “Best-in-Class” companies, those with the resources necessary to build marketing efforts, are much more likely to use video production than businesses that fell into the “Industry Average” and “Laggard” categories.

Even so, marketers continue to build up their presences using video. Mixpo, a video marketing platform, reported reaching record growth in 2012, indicating that more marketers depended on visual media to reach viewers across a multitude of screen types.

“2012 was the year of massive video and mobile growth. 2013 will be the year brands build on these two trends and take advantage of the vast amount of video content they have created, seamlessly across devices,” said Anupam Gupta, CEO of Mixpo.

The platform not only saw an 80 percent increase in revenue, but also enjoyed a 77 percent rise in the total number of campaigns. This kind of news has been steadily increasing in the last year or so, and with new studies proving the use of video marketing every day, one has to wonder why more companies don’t get on board. What do you think about these surveys – disagree? Get in touch.

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