New research from Harvard Business School Assistant Professor Thales S. Teixeira could transform online video marketing on its head. It found that, in an age in which one can usually skip videos before their pay-off, the traditional “punch-line” isn’t getting the most punch for your pound. Especially in terms of that iconic David-Brent-esque slogan – “get…their…attention”.

Just because an online video ad is displayed on your victim’s screen doesn’t mean it is actually viewed. Assistant Professor Teixeria’s recent experiments have shown that, in order to capture and keep a viewer’s attention, the traditional format of delivering a surprise punch-line at the end needs to be inverted.

Why? Because ad-skipping audiences may not even get to the end of an ad – everybody knows that people have an innate disdain for them. If they can skip it they will.

“The findings showed that advertisers should use a quick element of surprise at the beginning of an ad, followed by a longer period of joy, in order to get the most ‘attention’ bang for the buck,” says Teixeira.

This will be published in an upcoming article in the Journal of Marketing Research, “Emotion-Induced Engagement in Internet Video Ads”. Give it a read if you want your video production to have the power it deserves…or you could just soak up some pearls of wisdom from The Office, which seems to have made the same point a lot sooner in any case.

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