Brightroll has recently conducted research to see how video advertising in the UK is doing, and it seems that things are picking up. The 2012 UK Video Advertising Report gathers statistics from more than 100 top decision makers at the top UK advertising agencies and shares their unique insight of the UK video advertising landscape with the world.

About 63% of our population in Britain watches a video online each month. That’s a pretty good reach. Meanwhile, about 65% of that audience sees video ads monthly; this means that around 28.6 million people who are seeing a billion ads a month (comScore).

Part of why those numbers are all on the rise is because more advertisers and agencies believe in its efficacy. 87% surveyed believe it more effective than display and 52% believe it better than TV.

We have found this to be true ourselves here at Spectrecom. At our own film studio complex, the majority of creative campaigns in which we have been involved rely on utilising the immense power of the web as a means to advertise to demographics which have been weaned away from television. There are far more insights in the full 2012 UK Video Advertising Report which you can pull from the Brightroll Industry Report page.

The most relevant highlight for us in particular is that despite this boom in web video popularity, advertising agencies still require more guidance on how to make and spread engaging content for the web. If you are interested in collaborating creatively to achieve better results then call today to speak to our team.



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