Spectrecom has recently produced a six-part video marketing campaign on behalf of Queen Mary University of London, and the second part of that series has just gone online.

As with the other films in the series, the new film is all about highlighting some of the exciting research projects QMUL has got going on within its walls. This time out, the featured topic is metamaterials, with the University’s Professor Yang Hao on-hand to talk about their amazing potential.

To very quickly summarise, metamaterials are human-made materials with properties unseen in nature – properties which can even challenge the fundamental laws of physics. As one of Professor Yang’s team puts it in the video, “it’s like working with science fiction in the present”.

Entitled ‘The Meta the Better’, the film follows in the wake of ‘Good Vibrations – Harvesting Energy from Sound’, which went online a fortnight ago and has already picked up an impressive 3,500 views.

Spectrecom is a market leader in UK student recruitment filmmaking. We’ve worked with more than 30 universities including Durham, Newcastle, King’s College, Lancaster and Sussex. Take a look at our Student Recruitment page to find out more.

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