Meet Bianca De Luca

Bianca De Luca

Bianca De Luca

Account Manager

So… good news! We’ve only just gone and found ourselves a new Account Manager in the form of Bianca De Luca! Huzzah!

So tell us a little bit about yourself, Bianca…

“Despite my degree in Modern Languages (French, Spanish and Italian), my true passion has always been in Film and TV (Oh, and cooking and music!). After graduating from the University of Birmingham, then moving back to London for a year, then jetting to Barcelona for another (where I actually worked as an English teacher for a bit – fun fact), I then returned to my favourite city in the world – London – and landed my first job in the film industry as a Sales and Marketing Executive for a post-production house. As fun, as it was working on BIFA and BAFTA, nominated films, turns out I don’t really like working in dark basements… so after a year I decided to move above-ground for some Vitamin D (kind of).

And now here I am, the newest member of the Account Managing team, working on brands and agencies at Spectrecom Films. I’m only four weeks in, but I’m really enjoying my role here. It also helps that everyone here has been super friendly, patient and helpful. We’ve got some really exciting projects lined up and I can’t wait to work alongside the team and get stuck in!”

Nice, Bianca! We hope that the Vitamin D levels here are sufficient enough for you, you lovely ray of sunshine!

Welcome to the team!

Ryan Goodge

Creative Scriptwriter

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