Macmillan Cancer Support is calling for cancer carers to be identified earlier and given greater access to support, and a new Spectrecom-produced film has just been unveiled in aid of that campaign.

Almost one million people in England care for someone with cancer, and nearly half of them suffer as a result – from financial pressures, and also from mental health problems including stress, anxiety and depression.

Macmillan is calling on the government to use the opportunity presented by the Care Bill to ensure these carers get the support they need, and it is urging the public to email their MP to press for that change.

Entitled ‘Do You Care?’, the campaign film is based around the concept of invisible carers – an expression of how carers can often feel completely overlooked. It stars three real-life cancer carers, Ian, Jayne and Joe, who each look after their partners, Kate, Paul and Melita respectively.

To give credit to the Spectrecom team members involved, the film was directed by Steve Milton, shot by Peter Ford and produced by Florence Hill. Camera assistants were Arthur Briggs and Eduardo Vento, and Freddie Smith handled editing duties.

Ben Kent took care of sound design, Tiago Higgs created the visual effects, and Paul Martin scripted based on a treatment by him, Ben and Matt Farman.

Check out the Macmillan website to find out more about Macmillan’s carers campaign, and email your MP to give your support.

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