One perk of being a video agency is that members of our team sometimes get a glimpse of extraordinary places they may never have had the chance to see otherwise.

So although residential developments in London are as commonplace as ants in the aftermath of a jam spillage, one new build which surely qualifies as extraordinary is One Hyde Park, where apartments have been changing hands for hundreds of millions of pounds.

Stellar apartments require stellar interior design, and when one of our old clients, Casa Forma, the award-winning London-based luxury design firm, brought their talents to bear upon one of the residences within One Hyde Park, they enlisted Spectrecom to create a brand new video production recording their efforts.

Employing a subtle soundtrack and warm, understated voiceover, the finished film offers viewers their own private tour of the sumptuous, Casa Forma-outfitted apartment. Take a look for yourself below…

The Spectrecom team who worked on the film were Steve Milton (director), Peter Ford (director and camera operator), James Adair (camera operator and editor), Sophie Lee (producer), Alex Kerr (camera assistant), Laurentiu Maria (gaffer), and Dan Miles (editor).

Spectrecom has provided video production services to a large number of corporate clients, including BMW, easyJet, Sainsbury’s and Pearson UK.

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