It was round about this time last year that Spectrecom produced a 6 Nations Rugby video for Guinness under its ‘Made of More’ banner. So given this professional link, plus Guinness’ reputation for innovative video marketing, we always keep an eye out for any new ads bearing the drinks giant’s name – new ads such as ‘Clock’.

Following in the footsteps of the ‘Cloud’ spot which appeared late last year, ‘Clock’ is another Guinness commercial which relates a story laced with whimsical fantasy – on this occasion about a temporality-manipulating town timepiece – all told in a striking cinematic style (those behind-the-clock shots are pure Hugo).

Emphasising the away-from-the-herd mentality of Guinness drinkers, the ‘Made of More’ tagline on the ad was also employed on the online Guinness video made here at Waterloo Film Studios almost exactly 12 months ago.

On that occasion digital marketing agency Cybercom selected Spectrecom as its partner production company to create a 6 Nations Rugby video which emphasised the passion and the power of the oval ball game. And the spot still packs a punch a year on. Check it out for yourself below.

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