Middlesex is a UK university with a grand vision of its future. A modern, expansive, international institution, it’s been making investments in facilities and staff, in order that it can attract the best students, and achieve recognition for the quality of its teaching and research. And we’ve just made a film underlining all that. Come see!

Having won through a competitive pitching process, and been selected as the production company that Middlesex wanted to partner with on this project, it was a big task for the Spectrecom team to pull together all the elements of the ambitious film we wanted to make on behalf of the University.

However, working in tandem with Middlesex’s marketing department, that seemingly Sisyphean endeavour (er, not to overstate anything) was successfully accomplished – and the finished film does a great job of highlighting what the University has to offer prospective students.

Take a look…

With its heavy graphical elements, fluid editing, subtle original score and stylishly graded look, we think the film really stands out amongst the multitudinous online video marketing offerings in the UK university sector.

But there’s tremendous substance to match the style, with telling testimonies from a range of students and alumni, including Olympic taekwondo medallist Lutalo Muhammad, whose contributions bookend the film.

We’re really interested to see how it goes down with viewers, and we’ll update you with the results it achieves on behalf of Middlesex as soon as we can.

With over 30 UK universities as clients, Spectrecom is a leader in student recruitment filmmaking. Take a look at our higher education showreel to see why.

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