Apparently Maes is the third most popular surname in Belgium and much like favoured ale maker (John) Smiths in the UK there is a brewery that also carries the same name. Unlike greedy John Smiths though, Maes have recently given away a huge amount of their beery goodness to everyone blessed with the name Maes. Its all in the name of creating a bigger awareness for their brand throughout Belgium, a country famous for loving beer as well as producing reasonably priced Moules et frites chain restaurants and a puzzlingly under-performing national football team.

Maes around Belgium were encouraged to get involved on Facebook and sign up for their own barrel which they would be allowed to quaff on the proviso that they invited some friends along too, how thoughtful. Pretty soon the Facebook page was getting massive amounts of traffic and even tripled in size to 75,000 in just one day. Desperate Belgians even changed their names on Facebook to Maes to ensure they got in on the action.

Its a great campaign with a nice message. Would it work in the UK? Perhaps it would work too well, I imagine there would be a lot of Mr and Mrs Buckfasts up north [apologies to Scottish readers – Ed]

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