Controversy is a word that gets banded around within the world of advertising a lot, with clips routinely offending all and sundry at the Daily Mail et al for all kinds of reasons.

Bookmakers Paddy Power are no stranger when it comes to creating risque ads with their Chav Tranquilizer and Blind Football racking up a number of complaints. Unbelievably though, they have just managed to create perhaps their most offensive ad yet with a viral themed around a North Korean takeover of Sunderland FC or ‘Sunder-rand’ – yes that actually happens.

Clearly the creators are big fans of Team America with the ad taking huge influence by way of the puppet protagonist as well as the script. The story sees Kim Jong Un teaming up with new manager Paulo Di Canio – they share common beliefs apparently. The first order of business? Destroy Southampton – There can be no team in the league with ‘South’ in their title – Oh dear.

Truly amazing.

Paddy Power had this to say: “When our North Korean specials went down a storm in March we thought we’d try and get hold of the man himself to get his opinion on the real battle for survival – the Premiership relegation scrap.”

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