Fair to say that all and any video marketing campaigns would receive a more-than healthy boost from the presence of footy superstar Lionel Messi. However Argentina’s answer to Sir Stanley Matthews has been deployed in novel fashion for his new Adidas ad, as he gets the TRON lightshow treatment.

Messi has long been one of the sharpest prongs of the German sportswear firm’s video marketing trident, and the newest clip sees him strapped into an LED exoskeleton and filmed booting a ball around at 1,000 frames per second.

What the video says in particular about the new Messi-endorsed Adidas football boot, it’s not really clear. But it sure does look pretty.

Entitled ‘The New Speed of Light’, the commercial has chalked up nearly 3million views in a month – and that’s despite a soundtrack that makes you want to take a cheese grater and rub your ears down to no more than raw, bleeding nubs in a desperate bid to make the horror STOP!

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