Back in October, we featured some Instagram images and a video created by members of the Spectrecom Films team during a shoot for the University of Glasgow.

At the time, we weren’t able to tell you much about the project we were working on beyond what you could glean from looking at the pics and watching the video.

However, the first part of that project has now been released online and we’re delighted to be able to bring it you on this marvellous Monday afternoon.

Our original brief from the University of Glasgow was to create a new overview film which would showcase its sports and research facilities, its library and also the city itself.

The seed of our creative concept for the film was provided by Glasgow’s identity as a vibrant 24-hour city. This in turn gave us the idea of using different types of light to link together a series of scenes that bring to life the relationship between the city and the university.

The result is a film which feels dynamic and alive. Without any voiceover, onscreen text or interview material, it’s left to the beautiful filmic images and bewitching soundtrack to elucidate on the heritage and prestige of the university and the youthful creativity of its students.

Huge credit to all the Spectrecommers involved in the film: James Adair (DOP), Alex Kerr (camera operator), James Sieradzki (camera assistant), Kieran Hodges (gaffer), Matt O’Brien (second unit camera op) and Matt Farman (second unit DOP and also editor).

But credit most of all to the man calling the shots, director Dan Miles.

If you’re eager to use video to tell your university’s story, get in touch with Kathy or Oliver, our account managers for universities. Both have years of experience working within HE marketing and communications, and are passionate about producing fantastic content on behalf of our university clients.

Contact Oliver Knight on 0203 405 2271 / or Kathy Bird on 0203 096 2866 /

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