Video marketing is all about getting your message across. And that’s just what the Los Angeles Times newspaper did on Monday, as it demanded that municipal authorities bow to the demands of the film industry to repaint a particularly gaudy bike lane, in a scathing ¬†editorial.

Along with studio moguls, the paper complains that the bright green, six-foot wide lane, which runs for 1.4 miles through downtown’s historic core, ruins the area’s utility as an Anytown, USA location. Removing it digitally in post-production is costly. Worse, camera lights reflect the green onto everything else, including actors’ faces.

Teamsters Local 399, a union representing location scouts, and other industry groups have urged authorities to use a different colour now that the original paint is fading and needs a touch-up.

“A green bike lane is not the industry’s biggest problem. But it is a problem the city can probably fix. And it’s worth fixing,” the LA Times argued. “There may not be 50 shades of green that will work for both bicyclists and moviemakers. But surely there is one.”

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