If you’ve logged into Facebook in the last couple of days you’ll no doubt have seen a certain viral video about snogging doing the rounds.

Whilst on the surface this short clip might have looked like a rather arty experiment about human interaction and love it was in fact a paid for piece of video marketing by a clothing brand called Wren.

The video managed to get 27,308,875 views in the first 2 days which is pretty incredible. Do the viewers feel cheated though? It’s quite a ballsy move on Wren’s part considering how militant people can get on the Internet, but ultimately it got people talking, and was a great idea for a film.

Lets just sit back and watch the parodies roll in…

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Hayley Canning

Hayley Canning

Digital Marketing Manager

Hayley Canning is our Digital Marketing Manager. With almost 5 years of digital marketing experience, she’s the expert on getting your video seen by the right audiences online.



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