Yesterday, 11 September, marked 11 years since the world watched in horror as hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Center, The Pentagon and the countryside of Pennsylvania. To mark the anniversary, this video production paused to thank some of the heroes that fought to save lives on that fateful day.

Insurance company State Farm released the web video yesterday, and features school children from all over New York journeying across the city to gather outside a Brooklyn fire station. They sing Empire State Of Mind, a song about the spirit of the Big Apple. Based at the station is Engine 205, the commander of which, Lt. Robert Wallace, was killed at ground zero.

It’s a moving thing to see the gratitude of an entire city sung in harmony to the obviously humbled crew on Engine 205.

Directed by Oscar nominated director Spike Lee, the ad has garnered over 139,000 views in less than 24 hours. A poignant reminder of the horror of 11 years ago, the ad has also attracted over 40,000 shares. Is this naked profiteering or a modest tribute to those savaged on that day? It’s probably a mixture of both, but either way it’s a damn Alicia Keys

The ad closes with the line “Never forgotten. Forever Grateful.”

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