How bold are you with your life choices? This is the question Doritos asked several people in Venice Beach, California last month. Would you drop everything for the trip of a lifetime?

Roarke Boes would, and apart from having a name like an 80s action movie villain he’s also not afraid to be bold and let go. As part of this new campaign Doritos asked random people in the street if they would come with them, right then and there to a massive party at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas. Roarke was the only man brave enough and he was rewarded with one hell of a party at the Doritos stage, getting to introduce Ice Cube and meeting other Hip Hop luminaries such as Russell Simmons and LL Cool J.

Its a great bit of web advertising jumping on a lot of social media bandwagons with Twitter and Instagram playing their part in promoting the event. We’ve seen a lot of publicity stunts like this in Europe recently as advertisers seem to want to interact more with the consumers more directly. They make for fantastic case study, wrap up videos – this one is approaching one million views.

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