Here at Spectrecom, we’ve produced more videos than you’ve had hot dinners. Fact. But with ‘engagement’ a buzzword like no other in online video marketing at the moment, how best to ensure viewers remain tuned in? Well, interactivity could hold the key…

Viewer-involvement is getting more and more prevalent in online video, with some pundits predicting that within as little as two years as much as 50% of digital video ads will be interactive. Yowzer!

But though such stats might cause an eyebrow or two to shoot skywards, it’s a fact that when interactive videos have hit, they have tended to hit big.

Take last year’s return of the Hunter and Bear, in the name of market leading correctional fluid Tipp-Ex – the lovable twosome delivered more than 9million views with their interactive birthday party ad.

And what about Peugeot’s ‘Let Your Body Drive’ ad? We highlighted this slightly risqué video marketing mini-epic on the blog on our older, bluer website when it was first released in early 2012, and it has to-date racked up more than 4m views.

As you can see from videos such as those highlighted, the interactive component can be implemented in a variety of manners – from bespoke software design, to nothing more sophisticated than some simple YouTube links.

But it’s not just choose-your-own-ending videos which are generating buzz within the Spectrecom corridors – augmented reality is also triggering serious interest.

Just to give one example, as a company with a gleaming pedigree in student recruitment, the idea of a university prospectus in which AR technology such as Layar or Aurasma is used to embed video within the printed page is one which excites great possibilities.

Here’s a video exploring the potential of Layar…

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