Earlier this week Instagram introduced Face Filters, another inevitable “Snapchat inspired” app update. We’ve listed the 5 most important Instagram Face Filters features to keep you up to date and thinking about new ways to use video for your business:

1.What’s new in this update?

The new feature uses augmented reality to let users transform themselves by adding glasses, crowns, floating math equations or animals ears while taking a selfie

Instagram Face Filter Examples

2. Original features

Although the lenses were already available on Facebook, original additions were included: “Rewind” which plays videos in reverse, a new Boomerang camera, and hands-free feature. Also, a hashtag sticker lets you check out more posts about on any given topic


catch me on #Rewind how bow dah

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3. How can I use the new Instagram features?

It is possible to use the new features for stills, videos, and Boomerang, which can be sent directly to individual friends or added to your Instagram story

4. How did the new augmented reality feature on Instagram affect Snapchat?

The lenses were a differentiator between the Instagram and Snapchat. A research last year found out that 43% of Snapchatters would delete Snapchat and stick with Instagram if augmented reality features were added in the app


5. What do Instagram and Snapchat have in common now? 

Although there’s a difference regarding the target audiences, here’s a comparison on Instagram Stories and Snapchat similarities:

  • Direct messaging
  • 24-hour disappearing messages
  • Geo stickers
  • User calling
  • Group functions
  • Image and video filters
  • Live video

There’s no official statement about brands doing Sponsored Instagram Face Filters, but it is most likely that the app will eventually create a similar ad unit as Snapchat. Meanwhile, check out these effective examples of Sponsored Snapchat Lenses

Sponsored Snapchat Lenses




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