Through a series of wonderfully imagined web videos Chanel has given us an inside look into the creation of some of their most iconic products.

The story of Marylin Monroe and her favourite perfume came first at the tail end of last year. The film gave us an insight into Norma’s flirtatious response to the question of what she wore to bed every night? Her answer – “Chanel No. 5”. Filled with beautiful vintage advertising imagery and some classic moments from the actress herself, the film has amassed nearly 2 million views and a comments section filled with some seriously devoted fans.

The Chanel Jacket is fashion staple, a glorious accomplishment in minimal yet elegant design it has been adapted and subverted throughout the years most notably by the current head of the Parisian House – Karl Lagerfeld. This fourth chapter of the Inside Chanel series is currently storming up the viral charts with a view count approaching half a million, and whilst it doesn’t have the star power of the Marylin film, fashion fans will enjoy spotting some classic Chanel looks on some classic supermodels as well as an extremely interesting interview with Chanel herself.

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