Today seems a grand time to revisit an online video hit of the 2013 holiday season. Why so? Well, August is almost over, the nights are drawing in, and before long we’ll all be shivering like alopecia-afflicted yetis – that’s why. So let’s savour a last slice of summer sun while we’re still able.

Now, common wisdom in the wonderful world of video marketing demands your ad should always put your product front and centre.

However, such axioms are usually not worth the breath expended on repeating them; they’re more often sickly bovines of pseudoscience, just waiting to be double-tapped by the whopping great bolt-gun that is the YouTube audience’s preference for originality, creativity and surprise over all else.

Hence Exhibit A: an ad for a Ibiza club night Matinée which doesn’t even mention the event itself till the final 60 seconds or so, instead offering up a carnival parade of randomly retro imagery including arcade beat-em-ups, zombies, shellsuits, hot pants, TRON-style cyber-freeways and much more – all in the name of a completely fictitious drink called Ibizous!.

It plays a bit like Oscar-nominated Chilean movie No, had that flick been directed by Kavinsky. And having gone online at the start of the summer, the video is just about to clock up its millionth view. So watch and enjoy.

Spectrecom has worked with plenty of major leisure and hospitality clients, including Grosvenor Casinos. 

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