Recent weeks have seen us working with marketing agency Threepipe on a whole fistful of content for Stella Artois. The first of those videos has just been launched, and it happens to star one of golf’s most colourful characters.

Ian Poulter is a golfer who needs little introduction. Renowned for his flamboyance, passion and skill, he’s achieved hero status for his exploits on behalf of Europe’s Ryder Cup team.

Earlier in the summer, a crew from Spectrecom Films linked up with Ian at Pennyhill Park in Surrey, and captured his attempts to skim the head off a chalice of Stella Artois… with his golf club.

Did he succeed? You’ll have to watch the film to find out.

‘The Perfect Cut’ was a big team effort from Spectrecom Films. Here’re the names of those involved: Ben Kent, Florence Hill, Blake Dixon, Mark Thompson, James Adair, Matt Farman, Dan Miles, Alex Kerr, James Sieradzki, Eduardo Vento, Chloe Morris, Martin Godward and Dominic Scrancher.

Spectrecom Films is a regular video production partner for a host of top agencies, working on projects for clients such as Kenco, The Times, Skittles and Guinness. Check out our agencies page to find out more, and also to watch our agency sizzle reel.

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