You may have seen a couple of video productions doing the rounds online this week from a certain company called HUVrTech.

The hover-board first seen in Back To The Future II has seemingly been invented in real life thanks to a team of MIT graduates. Of course this being the era of YouTube they have released a video showing their efforts – featuring some celebrities.

Adhering to one of the key factors in creating a viral sensation the video has of course sparked immediate debate over the reality of such an invention with all manner of bloggers pointing out the wires under Tony Hawk’s shirt etc.

Of course, the board isn’t real. More interestingly though – what is the star studded video for? Is it just a joke? Is there going to be another Back To The Future film? Are Nike coming out with some more BTTF trainers?

Watch the video and let us know what you think on Twitter @spectrecom

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