The United Nations has just launched two striking new videos to tie in with World Food Day, with both calling for greater action to end global hunger.

The films are entitled ‘Hunger is a Monster’ and ‘Hunger is a Tyrant’, and they feed into the current charity sector trend for personifying the problem being addressed (see also the Red Cross’s I Am a Crisis ad)

Both are beautifully realised pieces of filmmaking, with contributions from young Hollywood stars Elle and Dakota Fanning. But there is a slight deficit of clarity in their calls to action; is ‘blow the whistle on hunger’ a bit of a woolly line?

Quite possibly. The videos, however, seem certain to grab the attention. To find out more about the campaign, check out the Ending Hunger website.

Here’s ‘Hunger is a Monster’…

And this is ‘Hunger is a Tyrant’.

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