Google the phrase “how to build a brand” and you’ll be presented with over 436,000,000 options to choose from. But it’s unlikely any of those suggestions involve physically building a new visual identity out of aluminium and neon lights, then filling 84 plastic tubes with objects that best represent the people in your organisation, then committing this whole process to film. No, of course not. Who would do that?

The answer is Spectrecom.

Our creative team proposed this exact idea to London Metropolitan University when they asked us to come up with a way of creating a film to lead their new brand campaign. It was a brave move for us, and a bold one for London Met to take us up on the offer, but we confidently nailed it as you’ll see from the final result.

In collaboration with London Met, Kemp London and Spectrecom Films, the ‘Cosmos’ structure was conceived, designed and built to replicate the university’s visual identity – a shape consisting of 84 ‘atoms’ arranged in a radial pattern.

London Met Cosmos

Shot over a week our crew followed the students, academics and staff of London Met as they deliberated on which items best represented the university’s people, culture and history. Those objects were then whittled down, whilst the structure itself was being constructed. The final piece came together to form a 3-metre tall ‘sculpture’, which was unveiled at a special event in London Met’s Great Hall.

As a second major project for London Met in 2015, this has been one of the most interesting, rewarding and visually striking projects Spectrecom produced in 2015. And the feeling seemed to be mutual – over to London Met Head of Marketing, Demetria Maratheftis: “Once again you and your team have ruddy well done it! This looks amazing and just what we were going for!”

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Oliver Knight

Oliver Knight

Account Manager

Oliver specialises in account managing our higher education clients. He has also previously worked in marketing for a university so he’s the go to guy for university marketing insights.



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