A few weeks back, Waterloo Film Studios was transformed into a den of madcap tomfoolery, of rib-tickling bedlam, of surreal chicanery – as ours and your favourite video agency, Spectrecom, teamed up with the nation’s favourite confectionary brand, Skittles.

Working in tandem with Mesh Marketing, Spectrecom was tasked with delivering a live, online extravaganza, as Skittles’ legion of Facebook fans were invited to pledge the 100,000 Skittles required to completely fill a special upside-down rainbow.

To keep that sweet-toothed multitude tuned in over the course of the 48-hour live-stream, our team created a unique warehouse staging setup, tirelessly patrolled by a team of crack security guards.

And it was that off-kilter realm into which we proceeded to thrust all manner of weird interlopers – including a frog on a bike, a horse on a phone, and cats. Lots and lots and lots and lots of cats.

Here’s the round-up video, which captures some of those magic moments…

As you can see from the video, the rainbow was completed in time, much to the delight of Team Skittles. Here’s what they had to say about their Spectrecom experience…

“100,000 thank yous to everyone at Spectrecom. We couldn’t have asked for a more capable team of rainbow-builders, who helped to deliver one of our most successful online campaigns to date.”

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