When was the last time you grazed on the slopes of new video marketing tools? The regular toys are still warm and fuzzy, but there are now more and more avenues at our disposal.

One such avenue is Pinterest – even the soggiest of social media serfs can’t have failed to have noticed its impact over the past 12 months. However, you’d be wrong if you continued to buy into the misconception that it’s just all pictures of frivolous things that have only become interesting since the internet was invented. Pinterest is now the fourth largest source of traffic after Google, direct traffic and Facebook and is continuing to grow exponentially.

In fact, it drives more referral traffic than YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ put together. It’s time to start pulling your pants down for this site. Those active on Pinterest also tend to shop a lot more often and with more bucks, making their purchases more valuable than users of any other social network. And although images form the bulk of the content are pinned, video productions are becoming increasingly crucial to both the site and its users.

Google are now indexing over 200,000 of those videosand both Pinterest based videos and images regularly appear in the universal search results. Now that Pinterest have removed their previous ban on commercial and business accounts and facilitated ways for merchants to promote their content, this new black hole of time should be very high on the list for those looking to optimise their content in the hope of trapping the black hole surfers in their nets. What do you think – efficient web video marketing tool or gimmicky waste of time?

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