It’s that time of year when the flowers are in bloom, the sun is finally coming back out and delicious chocolaty treats are being hidden all over London by one mischievous little bunny.

Yep, it’s Easter weekend and that means everyone will be out soaking up the sun during the long bank holiday weekend with family and friends. Classic events like egg hunts, easter parties and chocolate gorging will take place all weekend long, popular locations being Regent’s and Hyde Park.

One way Spectrecom Films will be celebrating is with some much needed R&R. While some of the staff will be staying in central London, others are excited to be returning to their respective homes all over the world to see relatives and spend time with old friends.

Home cooked meals and lots of sleep are to be expected this weekend, but if you are feeling creative this Easter and want to try making yourself some classic Easter foods, Spectrecom has you covered. Working with the valued RSPCA, Spectrecom created over 20 ‘how-to-make’ videos that turn even the most daunting food-preps seem like a breeze. They are informative, easy to follow and are really helpful if you’re not the best in the kitchen.

One of the videos RSPCA uses to promote their Easter endeavours is ‘How to make Hot Cross Buns’, a signature food at any Easter table.

If you have time between hunting for chocolates, eggs and rabbits, making these tasty buns is a great activity the whole family can get involved in.

Happy Easter and good luck!

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Hayley Canning

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