Its been a good year for goats – they were the viral heroes saving us from the constant deluge of Harlem Shake videos – from Taylor Swift to Whitney they were everywhere. Mountain Dew have got in on the act now, perhaps after their own four legged mascot with 3’s Pony and Old Spice’s Wolf garnering plenty of shares and views online. Getting the viral animal du jour on-board wasn’t enough for Mountain Dew though so they roped in one of Rap Music’s current poster boys in the form of Tyler The Creator to direct the video, and voice the goat, who is named Felicia by the way.

Its all very strange, but what do you expect from the ringleader of Odd Future – Tyler’s music/skate/art/tv/clothing collective. With a string of video directing credits already under his belt as well as a hit show on Cartoon Network’s [Adult Swim] it was only a matter of time until the brands came a’ knocking for Tyler’s unique brand of youthful absurdity. We’re looking forward to what Felicia the goat is going to get up to next. If its anything like an Odd Future clip though its certainly going to get weird…and nasty.

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