Scotland’s film production fortunes have been subject of some debate in recent weeks, but it remains an undoubtedly marvellous part of the world to shoot in. Spectrecom Films got to experience that pleasure for ourselves late last year, when we shot our newest film for the University of Glasgow.

You might have already seen our first film for Glasgow, ‘World Changers Welcome’, which launched with a splash back in November.

When Spectrecom was chosen by the university as the production company it wanted to work with on this project, the aim was always to deliver a series of films which showed off several different sides of student life.

In the instance of ‘World Changers Welcome’, the emphasis was on the relationship between the city and the university, and the benefits this offers to students.

In contrast, the film that’s just been released – entitled ‘Who Will You Become?’ – puts the focus firmly on the university, its students and its facilities.

In the space of just a couple of minutes, we see a host of Glasgow students with a galaxy of different interests – from sports to education, from debating to medicine, from technology to music, and so on.

We also see the fantastic spaces where they’re able to pursue their passions and build for their futures; spaces such as Glasgow’s medical and research laboratories, sports facilities, beautiful historic buildings and more.

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