The key to a good university video can often be as simple as finding the right student to front it. Someone with confidence, character, their own unique style, which they’re able to communicate on camera.

Georgia Tech, aka the Georgia Institute of Technology, have just such a student.

His name is Nick Selby, he’s studying Mechanical Engineering, and a video in which he stars has become a YouTube juggernaut, racking up in excess of three million views since last summer.

The video is straightforward as you like, simply covering Selby’s welcome speech to new Georgia Tech students. But throw in some inspirational gusto, Richard Strauss’s Also sprach Zarathustra and the word “badass”, and you have an individual performance to make the internet sit up and take notice.

What the video does highlight is that one of the best resources any university film project can call upon is its students – their personality, their humour, their enthusiasm. Just like in the movies, smart casting can often make all the difference.

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