The latest episode of Game Of Thrones has made a lot of fans really really upset, making the post-episode chat on Twitter and Facebook reach an all time high with spoilers flying around all over the place.There has been a lot of wailing about King Robb and chastising of George RR Martin, the general consensus being that we did not see that coming¬† – whilst those who have read the books merely shrug or give a knowing look, they’ve been through the pain before screaming into a book instead of a TV set.

So with all that grief in mind lets forget the ‘Red Wedding’ and look at some brilliant artwork of Game Of Thrones re-imagined in the 90s by graphic artist Mike Wroebel.

As you can see – Joffrey is still an utter tool


Mother of Dragons…NOT. Mother of ferrets


Jon Snow knows about grunge


Jamie Lannister is on the Vice Squad


Briene is still playing with the boys


And finally Sansa AKA Kelly from Saved By The Bell


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