Point-of-view filming is getting more and more ubiquitous in the realm of online video, with the gloriously lurid excess of the Biting Elbows video being perhaps the most obviously blockbusting example. It’s a trend that’s been noted and assimilated by marketing professionals, with even the student recruitment sector horning in on the POV action.

Back in the day, when film meant film and the average camera was as manoeuvrable as a drunk hippopotamus, POV shooting was more novelty than anything else. As such, the entirely POV-shot noir movie Lady in the Lake was like LeBron James attending a jockeys’ convention, such was its sore thumb quality.

However as filmmaking technology and techniques have evolved over the years, so POV has become a more readily available weapon in the filmmaker’s arsenal, a point underlined by hit videos from Nike, the Beeb and Kanye West, to name just a few.

The university sector has picked up on the trend, with the Spectrecom-produced personalised film for the University of Aberdeen providing a very strong example. Similarly, the University of East Anglia produced a point-of-view Open Day video which was both well-made and nicely delivered.

And Nottingham Trent University has just produced its own POV video too. Entitled Student Life, it’s the widest-ranging of these films so far to emerge from a UK uni, with a lifestyle-centric narrative that follows the adventures of three different students.

The shifting perspectives is perhaps a little confusing, but it does give a more rounded view of the Nottingham Trent experience, and the POV is particularly effective in those little moments such as the student having the wind knocked out of him on the five-a-side field or the canoe dipping underwater.

Spectrecom has produced films for more than 30 UK universities, including Oxford, King’s College, Durham, Newcastle and many, many others. Take a look at our student recruitment page to see more of our work.

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