Every country needs an online video to promote its wares to the wider world. It’s the law. But not every such video is worth the valuable seconds required to let it unfurl before your time-starved eyes.

One recent video which most certainly is worthy of a meagre two minutes of your time is Land of the Midnight Sun, which comes to us courtesy of Visit Finland.

As the title hints at with all the subtlety of the Hulk losing his rag on the M25 ring road, the video focuses on the natural phenomenon that is the Midnight Sun of Scandinavian summer.

With lens flare galore, cycling, skateboarding, and some architecture that your mum would probably describe as just lovely, the video makes a definite appeal to cerebral fans of Scando-tweeness, not least though the lo-fi soundtrack song Sunrider by actual Finns, Husky Rescue.

Spectrecom has lent its video production prowess to marketing crusades from myriad travel and leisure clients.

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