With Spectrecom’s video production skills having been called upon by more than 35 UK universities previously, it’s still always a pleasure when a new name is added to that roster – a name such as the University of Edinburgh.

We were asked by Edinburgh’s School of Literature, Languages and Cultures to create a new video which demonstrated how LLC students don’t just have the University’s own resources at their disposal, but also all the resources that come with studying in such a historic city of culture.

The resulting film has a very warm, youthful feel, as it follows four real-life LLC students on a tour of Edinburgh’s beautiful streets – taking them from the National Museum, to Sir Nils Olav (he’s a penguin), and plenty more in-between.

Check out the film for yourself below, and if you want to know the names of the talented Spectrecommers responsible, then these are they: Peter Ford, Ionut Apetroae, Alex Kerr, James Adair and Matt Farman.

Spectrecom is one of the UK’s leading video production companies when it comes to the field of student recruitment filmmaking. Take a look at our Education Marketing page to find out more about how we’re able to deliver the results you’re looking for.

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