Today marks the final, final farewell to our old studios at Waterloo – the diggers have moved in and it’s being reduced to rubble. Unfortunately the drive for residential accommodation triumphs over all else and our premises was earmarked for redevelopment sometime ago. To be fair, the building was hardly pretty or, to quote Southwark Council’s no-nonsense planning department, “of no architectural merit whatsoever”. But it did well for us. We moved to Waterloo in January 2010 when there were only 12 people in the company, but by the time we left in November last year there were over 40 of us.

The problem with any studio space is that what is essentially a large, black, empty void could instead make way for much needed homes, office space and retail outlets. And that’s what’s needed in the centre of our capital city. Even so, London’s just lost one of the last film studios in the centre of the capital. Fortunately, Spectrecom’s now lucky enough to have a studio twice the size of Waterloo, with better infrastructure and facilities and, most importantly, a 10 year lease! Those bulldozers will just have to get busy elsewhere.

We’re all feeling very sentimental about the goodbye, watching this behind the scenes tour of Waterloo Film Studios from 2012.

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