In August 2016 we were excited to work on a project with TRW that took us to Poland and Romania, filming with motorbikes on racetracks and all over the incredible Transfăgărășan Highway.

We were producing a promotional film about automotive parts and how they are built and tested for motorbikes. We represented this by following our contributor at work in a garage, at the test track in Poland and cross country riding in the mountains outside Sibiu, Romania.

One of the many highlights on this shoot was filming the motorbikes on the test track. As well as having cameras track side, we clamped a GoPro to a motorbike, the footage we got was fantastic, as the motorbike went quite low to the ground at times. When they stopped we realised just how low they got as the mount for the GoPro had chipped away slightly, so it must have grazed the track! It showed just how durable those mounts are, and the DoP took a photo to prove it.

The next major highlight (and challenge) was filming with a drone whilst on the Transfăgărășan Highway. At one point the crew did lose sight of the drone, but they got it back unharmed. They were spoiled for choice with the landscape and filmed by lakes, through the forest and over cliffs overlooking the valley and the serpentine highway below.

Filming out in the middle of nowhere definitely had its advantages as we mostly had the road to ourselves. That gave the crew a lot of flexibility to be creative with the shots and they got some great shots captured from a car following the motorbike on its journey, particularly when the motorbike goes into a tunnel in the side of the mountain.

The highway in Romania really was the star of the show at the end of the day and the crew loved the photo opportunity for themselves as well.


Account Manager: Christiaan Harden
Producer: Kate Bromley
DOP: Peter Ford
Camera Operator: Chris Karageorgiou
Drone Operator: Kieran Hodges
Film Assistant: Dan Berens
Editor: Etem Ozyay


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Kate Bromley

Kate Bromley


Kate is a producer at Spectrecom Films, first starting out with us on a work experience basis. In a just a short few years Kate has produced shoots across the globe, from the remote location of icy Arvidsjaur in Sweden, all the way down to South Africa.



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