It’s exciting to work on fundraising video projects and non-profit campaigns for organisations that allow us to utilise the power of storytelling as part of their video content marketing strategy. It allows us to get people involved in social issues through their journey and experience of those affected. After all, inspiring and emotional stories that revolve around individuals resonate with audiences everywhere. Here are a few examples of past videos we’ve produced using personal stories:

Ossie Newell Foundation

Ossie Newell had an incredibly touching story – having suffered a stroke himself in 1999, he now works at the University of Nottingham’s Stroke Rehabilitation Centre driving improvements in stroke services in the East Midlands and nationally. His foundation wanted to create a fundraising film that would not only showcase the important work they do but also attract bright new Ph.D. students to undertake stroke research. To emphasise the importance of the institution, we began the film by contrasting a personal, physical experience with a description of what is happening medically and then we discover that these two experiences are the same – that of having a stroke.


The University of Nottingham does incredible life-saving work into researching ways to find breast cancer early, treat it right and stop it spreading. So, naturally, we were delighted to create a suite of films to support the fund-raising breast cancer awareness campaign#BreastCancerAndMe. The films are made up of real stories and unscripted interviews from women at different stages of breast cancer. The main film intercuts between each of them to present one unified monolog of their strength, fortitude, and resilience, creating an intimate and strong connection with the audience.

West Kent Housing Association

The first of series of Spectrecom’s award-winning films we’ve produced for West Kent Housing Association highlighted its Lifeways scheme, which was designed to help the vulnerable and disadvantaged find housing, often in the face of social prejudice. Those films have covered a range of topics, including community development and vulnerable tenants support. We created a story-led film with a documentary-style approach, that featured engaging personal stories to convey the important message to the audience. Watch the West Kent Lifeways documentary:

By creating and distributing shareable, valuable content through social media marketing campaigns, we can help charity marketing departments build lasting relationships with current supporters and increase the ability to reach and engage new donors and fundraisers. Our work is used to drive fundraising initiatives and raise awareness of crucial issues, from healthcare and education to animal welfare and the conservation of endangered species.


Spectrecom Films is one of the few video production companies in London that creates a full video content marketing strategy and produces films, series, and TV advertising campaigns for charities, fundraisers, and non-profit organisations. Find out how we can help you reach your audience online:

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