BMW’s video marketing is the envy of the branded world – as the team at Spectrecom Films know, having been lucky often to work on several projects for the automotive giant.

And BMW has just launched its latest YouTube-conquering video, starring five BMW M235i Coupes ripping it up round a roundabout in Cape Town.

Mm, that’s right. A roundabout.

But hey, hold on. Roundabouts can be exciting too. And so it proves in this BMW video, with a team of stunt drivers delivering a two-minute explosion of wheel-squealing action. Check out ‘Epic Driftmob’ below.

Despite the tagline, the video doesn’t deliver a great deal of story per se. But it’s already attracted a monster audience, with over nine million views in just over a week.

Not as a big a winner with the YouTube audience but definitely more interesting for those with a keen interest in video production (like us at Spectrecom Films) is the behind-the-scenes video. Take a look.

Spectrecom Films regularly works for a host of top creative and PR agencies, on projects for big name clients including Guinness, SSE, Stella Artois and yes, BMW – check out the ‘BMW Ultimate Driver’ video we produced in partnership with marketing agency Dare.

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