As more and more videos are being uploaded to YouTube, content is becoming more saturated and companies have to think of far more creative ways of reaching out to their audiences with video production. This is perhaps no truer than in the spectrum of student recruitment videos, because the demographic is such a discerning one. So, how then can we evolve our thinking to align with the ever-changing, ever-growing needs of the average prospective student? Well, let’s take a case study as an example…

Tokyo is a city like no other; the perfect canvass to create a marketing video which is both vibrant and seductive. The web video below is one that explores the many contrasts of life in the city; between the young and the old, the traditional and the contemporary, the fast and the slow, the eastern and western influences. It was commissioned by Keio University for their ‘Shaping History, Shaping Tomorrow’ campaign, and the film uses elements which can be implemented within your own web video marketing plan.

Shaping History, Shaping Tomorrow from Tim White on Vimeo.


The visuals in the video production are contrasted heavily with most student recruitment content at the moment, because they utilise a kaleidoscopic sense of imagery rather than slow, stale and static shots. The chosen images are presented chaotically, rather than giving the impression of premeditation or planning, and the use of a presenter is kept to a minimum. Never speaking, he is used only as a focal point for the video production. This imbues him with the quality of the every-man, which makes it all the more potent for reaching students around the world.


Sound is as organic as can be. It is difficult to tell which noises are that of the soundtrack and which are part of the images in question. This offers a synthesis which drives the piece with a ferocity far apart from any corporate, royalty-free soundtrack. The music also builds slowly throughout the piece, culminating in a crescendo of sounds. This is an area which is severely lacking in most student recruitment videos at the moment. Soundtracks are too often slapped on afterwards with little regard (or indeed budget) given to enthusing it with some unique magic.

When you’re gearing up to begin your next video marketing campaign, think about it as a chance to freshen up your content and get ahead of the curve. Think creatively about how images are used in conjunction with sound, and budget more for stylised shots and commercial soundtracks. Make 2013 your year for radical change, because in the crazy world of content creation sometimes an anarchic approach can end up being the most organised one.

Are you looking for something similar shot at a UK-based university? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can bring the world of your campus to life.

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