One of the video production services offered by Spectrecom is time-lapse filming. We’ve done enough time-lapses for enough clients to know when we see a good one – and British filmmaker Rob Whitworth’s recent time-lapse of Dubai is REALLY good.

Whitworth has made a name for himself as a time-lapse specialist, creating eye-catching filmed portraits of Barcelona, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and other major cities.

His latest outing behind the camera, ‘Dubai Flow Motion’, was commissioned by Dubai Film, and it offers an electrifying journey through the eponymous emirate.

Taking in fireworks, dune buggies and the expected tall buildings, it’s a piece which is both enchanting and entrancing – while at the same time guaranteed to leave you wondering “How the heck did he do that?”

Spectrecom has been the video production company hired by clients including Argos, Cunard, Saga Holidays and Loughborough University in London to create high-end time-lapse and hyper-lapse sequences.

And it’s fair to say a few of our filmmakers would relish the challenge of trying to create something as ambitious and technically outlandish as what Rob Whitworth has achieved with ‘Dubai Flow Motion’.

Thanks to one of that in-house team, our Head of Photography Peter Ford, for bringing Rob’s stunning film to our attention.

Spectrecom Films is a video production company that works closely with leading brands, agencies, charities and universities.

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