I’m sure you, like many of us, have questioned the use of creating video for the corporate organisation in which you work for. Perhaps you have gone to the effort of discussing the prospect internally? Even dabbled with it using your own smartphone or borrowed video camera? Or, like most, keep the idea tucked in your head, not bothering because at the end of the day, is there really a point to it?

Even in today’s society where moving image dominates the world around us, it is the question I seem to get asked the most. Do I need a corporate video?

Better Google Search Rankings

After the acquisition of YouTube, Google is rewarding those organisations with rich video content on their webpages or YouTube channels, placing them further up the Google search engine results page. Organisations rely on being one of the first to come up on a Google search and often some spend thousands on Google Ads. Having video directs traffic to your website and social media pages, thus giving you the same affect as a Google Ad could, but without the horrendous expense.

Broaden Your Clientele

Sick of feeding off repeat business or trying to tackle the same potential clients over and over and over again? A well-made video with a strong content strategy has the potential to reach wider audiences in a matter of minutes! With several free viewing/social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube, your video can be shared and re-shared reaching audiences that hadn’t even crossed your mind when developing a business plan!

Showcasing Your Company

Attention spans have decreased by 70% in the past decade and no longer do we have the patience to read content or further explore websites in detail. We want answers quickly and accurately. A corporate video can give a quick detailed explanation of a company’s culture, its services or even the industry in which it surrounds as an educational tool. Video can help make your organisation relatable. ‘People buy from people they like’ is a common phrase in every sale’s team. Having a short, punchy clip can emotionally engage a viewer and get them on your side! Especially when it comes to recruitment, candidates are usually stuck in a tug-o-war between choosing which company their future lies with.

Standing Out From The Crowd

Here’s your head start! The question I’m sure you get asked a lot is, what makes you different from your competitors? Having video in a time where not everyone has caught up puts you in the driving seat against your rivals. Rather than getting caught up with creating unappealing copy for your website, you can put your own unique stamp on a film and truly engage your target audience.

So will you continue to be that person who keeps your corporate film idea hidden in your head? Or will you be that little bit ambitious and let us help you deliver an engaging video that can demonstrate ROI?

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About the author

James Ridley

James Ridley

Corporate Account Manager

James is our Account Manager for clients within the Corporate and Financial sector. James has a screenwriting background within Feature and Short Film, and before joining Spectrecom worked within the recruitment sector alongside organisations within the financial services industry.

Send me an e-mail: james.ridley@spectrecom.co.uk
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