Spectrecom has worked with the Institute of Physics on several occasions now, and we’ve just delivered what could well be the best film yet to emerge from that partnership.

The new film was created in service of the Institute’s Project Juno, a programme which recognises the efforts of university physics departments in addressing the under-representation of women in physics at higher education level.

With the programme having been active for more than five years now, the Institute selected Spectrecom as the video production agency it wanted to make a film which recorded its achievements to-date, and also promoted its adoption in even greater numbers of UK universities.

To produce the film, our crew toured those universities to have already been awarded Juno Champion status (that’s York, Imperial, Warwick, Cambridge, Royal Holloway and Glasgow), speaking to top academics.

And it’s their testimony which forms the bedrock of the film, demonstrating how Project Juno has struck a chord with physics practitioners at some of Britain’s leading universities.

Credit where credit is due – these are the titans of video production who worked on the Juno film: director was Peter Ford, while producers were Florence Hill and Sophie Lee. The camera operator was James Adair, and sound recordist was Alex Kerr.

In addition to the Institute of Physics, Spectrecom has worked with more than 30 other higher education providers up and down the breadth of these frostbitten isles of ours. Take a look at our student recruitment showreel to see some of the work we’ve produced, and some of the results we’ve achieved.

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