Hailing from Finland, ‘Monsters’ is not an especially new piece of video marketing, but it is one so suffused with horror movie-style chills as to be ideal fodder to share on this Halloween.

Lasinen lapsuus is the Finnish charity behind the video, which depicts some superbly terrified-looking li’l cherubs sharing cinematic scenes with a roster of supremely sinister characters – from a hideous bunny, to a zombie, to a killer clown and a maniac in Michael Myers-style facemask.

Produced under the Fragile Childhood banner, the film offers an extreme vision of how scary parents who’ve been drinking can seem to their kids.

Launched last year, the ad’s been seen more than two million times online, but has also attracted concern that the featured children all look a little TOO scared. It’s a worry the charity has been keen to assuage, noting that ‘Professionals who made the casting tried to choose actors with right facial features so that they could easily put up worried expression.’ Phew, eh?

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