Once again we must take a few minutes to marvel at another brilliant online video marketing campaign from Oreo. They had arguably one of the best ads from the Superbowl with their Whisper Fight viral and pounced on the Twittersphere with a brilliant reaction to the blackout on the same night. This time they are trying to settle the endless debate of which is better – the cookie or the cream? Much like a certain toilet roll brand is trying to do right now except it doesn’t involve excruciatingly awful television adverts and an utterly grotesque premise.

Back to Oreo then and their latest clip complete with some of the best intro graphics of all time…

“Physicist – David Neevel” is the star of the first episode of four in this series. He tells us all about how his cream separating robot invention works, in a gloriously deadpan style reminiscent of fellow viral confectioner – Skittles. Having sacrificed hours of his time to work on the machine, putting relationships with his girlfriend and his dog at risk it all seems worth it when the cream-less cookies slide down the chute and into his awaiting palm.

Looking forward to episode two!

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