Quercus is the collective name for a group of donors within the National Trust, who each make a substantial annual contribution to that charity. Earlier this year, Spectrecom produced a film to encourage new donors to join the scheme, and we’re delighted to have received some fantastic feedback as to how successful the film has been.

For this Quercus film, we were specifically aiming to give it a more active, contemporary feel, to get as far away from any stuffy stereotypes as possible. And this approach has yielded a film of which not only are we proud, but which the National Trust itself has also found to be a great tool in achieving its fundraising objectives.

Says Chloe Lee, fundraising consultant for the Trust: “I just wanted to let you know who pleased we are with the video that Spectrecom has produced for us to promote Quercus… it has proven an invaluable tool for prospect cultivation.”

“We are able to send the link to cold prospects and donors alike and it quickly demonstrates the benefits of giving to the National Trust – when people only have a few spare minutes a day, this is really important.”

“It has also helped us appeal to the younger, working donor pool that may have not considered giving to the National Trust before or have known what we are all about. We have in fact just recruited a wealthy young donor who now supports our Apprenticeships scheme and I am certain this would not have happened otherwise.”

“We have also found it to be of great use internally. So many of our colleagues do not really know about the National Trust’s giving programmes and our directors have been blogging about the work we do and including the link to the video, so internal awareness has massively increased.”

Watch the film for yourself below…

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