Corporate video production can be a tricky affair, with there being a risk that any end result might come across as dry and unmoving. This is especially relevant advice for charity videos because (being both of and about the human spirit) they simply must be emotive if they are to succeed. But this can also be complex: too soppy and the film feels disingenuous, too dry and it rings hollow.

Creating enough cohesive content to do justice to a collated YouTube channel for your charity can be a real balancing act. Be that as it may, the essence of this skill is simple – tone. But how is tone struck, how is it kept and how does it evolve over a breadth of work?

Well, a necessary and often overlooked condition is longevity in working relationships (between the video production agency and the charity). Prices not only become more easily negotiable for both parties when an eye is kept on the long-term, but it also has some direct implications for the personality of your brand.

On the one hand, collaboration allows for deeper understanding of the production process on the part of the charity, and (more importantly) a deeper understanding of your brand values on the part of the production house. It should be a truly symbiotic relationship, nurtured over time, and failing to realise this can lead to a tonal nightmare when you decide to collate your content.

Here at Spectrecom the seeds of one such relationship have been sowed with leading social care charity Choice Support, which is an established and pioneering charity providing support services for disabled and disadvantaged people. They were formed in London in 1984 to help people with learning disabilities have better lives, and now work throughout much of England supporting people with a wide range of needs. We at Spectrecom are glad to say that we have become regular collaborators with the charity, with a total of thirteen collaborative experiences to our bow.

The most prominent series of films captured and documented Choice Support’s ‘Torchbearers’ scheme, which allowed the remarkable people with whom Choice Support works to make a real difference at the London 2012 Olympics. Through collaboration, our team were able to develop a tone which is celebratory rather than melancholic, and this has become a staple of every video made together since.

If you’re thinking about finding a video production company to serve your audio-visual needs, it may be worth taking note of the people at the organisation, the values that they represent and the convenience of on-going face-to-face meetings. Think in the long-term, because (in our experience) if the relationship is nurtured from the beginning then you will be spending a lot more time together than you might have originally anticipated.

Find a team who are willing to look beyond the scope of a single video, one that is willing to help map the big picture, and from that point onwards you are likely to find far more value for money in each and every production.

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