The frivolous sea-monster of our times, dubbed (oxymoronically) by some as “celebrity culture”, is oft broadsided by the warships of satire, and society is now at a point in which television production can successfully becloud the distinction between the two.

One such show is ‘Celebrity Bitchslap’; a barbed rollick through the dirty breeches of our obsession with total strangers.

Here at Spectrecom we always love to take part in such things, and that’s why it was our pleasure to welcome Celebrity Bitchslap into our film studio complex last month. We furnished them with our kit and crew both, and the results are now finally available on BBC’s iplayer for all to behold.

Keep a sharp eye on the horizon shipmates; when you reach the spritely cabin boy and the well-portioned wench in the newsroom, you’ve actually stumbled across our very own green-screen studio three!

Planning your own attack on popular culture? Pop down to the good ship Spectrecom for a tour of the film studios, a chinwag on video marketing or a good ol’ cup o’ grog…Argh!


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