Today is Wednesday 21 January. Which can mean only one thing. Yes, it’s Squirrel Appreciation Day. And in honour of such a nut-tacular occasion, we wanted to share the only squirrel dancing video ever made by Spectrecom Films.

“So what is this squirrel masterpiece?” we hear you cry.

Well, to give a bit of background, the video was produced and released just under a year ago on behalf of Keele University.

Those who know Keele will be very familiar with the emerald expanses of its wooded campus (the largest of any UK university). But just as familiar as the campus itself will be the sight of its army of tree-dwelling denizens – the Keele squirrels.

And as an offshoot of a much larger batch of video content we were creating on behalf of Keele, we created a separate quick-fire video offering a light-hearted look at those lovable little critters. Enjoy, and oh – have a very merry Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Spectrecom has produced a huge array of video of content for UK universities – some of which involved squirrels, most of which did not. If you’ve got a video project you’d like to speak to us about, get in touch with Kathy or Oliver, our university account managers, to find out more.

Contact Oliver Knight on 0203 405 2271 / or Kathy Bird on 0203 096 2866 /

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